Tuesday, October 25, 2011

These days

  1. I made myself a note a few weeks (or maybe months by now) back to stop buying records, since that seems to be where most of my money goes, but it hasn't worked. I also like having certain albums/singles only on vinyl. Like this album by the Specials or a bossa nova one I've appropriated from my mom's record collection.
    This past Saturday I spent the day on my own and listened to music for hours. One of my favourite ways to spend a day, really.

  2. I went down to Olympia for the day last week. Or was it the week before last? Sometime recently. I get a bit weirded out when I have to leave the city. Especially if I have to spend time in the suburbs. It makes me quite nervous. (I mean, Olympia is a city of its own, but you have to go through suburbs/smaller towns to get there. Just thought I should clarify.)

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