Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Every morning I would see her waiting at the stop

I've spent a lot of time waiting for buses lately. Since classes have started up again at the university, my bus is never on time anymore and I haven't made it in to work at 9 in a while (we have flexible hours though, so don't think I'm too terrible of an employee!).

Today on the way to the bus stop after work, I saw a Batman costume in the window of a toy/kid's clothing store and almost went in to buy it. Because I'm an adult who makes responsible decisions. (Or maybe I had Parks and Recreation on the brain and wanted to treat myself to a Batman suit like Ben...) I knew I was already running late for the bus though and reason won out (a rather rare occurrence) and I resisted. But now I'm tempted to go back tomorrow at lunch and at least have a closer look at it.

And while we're on the subject of bus stops, I used to love this song as a kid. And I still do!

Pretty snazzy video, huh? Those lights, the stripes, the Vox Phantom, some sweet 60s dance moves - what's not to love?

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