Monday, October 10, 2011

I Want To Tell You

1. I picked up the new book on George Harrison this weekend and have been spending a lot of time flipping through it, reading and re-reading the pages. Until I was in college I never listened to anything but the Beatles. I just didn't see the need to. They were and are a huge influence on me. George was always my favourite. I remember going to school in tears on the day he died.

2. I'm starting a course in audio production tomorrow, which I'm quite nervous about. But then again, I get nervous about everything. I haven't taken classes in a while and I'm not really looking forward to having to juggle school and work, but I'm excited to be learning about something that really interests me. And I'm a huge nerd for any kind of audio equipment. I may or may not have gotten a new pair of shoes to start the school year. I guess you're never too old for that back to school feeling.

1 comment:

  1. george is my favorite too...we are listening to his music all the time and can't wait to watch the documentery about him