Friday, August 26, 2011

Recent productivity

It's no secret on this blog or to anyone who has spoken with me for any period of time that I love Blur and that I consider Graham Coxon to be one of the most awesome people ever. So imagine my excitement last month, when the fabric Graham designed for Liberty was finally available on their website! I wasted no time ordering small quantities in two colors (this required considerable restraint on my part - I wanted yards and yards of it in all four colors!).

Pretty swoon-tastic, huh?

I was loath to cut the fabric, fearing I'd ruin it and thinking that anything I made wouldn't be worthy of its beauty (wow, swoon much?). I finally decided to make a shift/tunic-y thing out of the blue-ish one and a skirt out of the grey one. And I still have enough of the grey to make something else as well.

Nothing too fancy, since I didn't want to detract from the pattern. And apparently I couldn't be bothered to iron them before taking the pictures...But I'm quite happy with them and am super excited to wear them for everyone to see the awesome pattern!

And - as an update on my last post - I'm still sick with what has turned out to be pneumonia and not just a cold. Oh well. It means short work days and lots of reading and TV watching.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sick day(s)

I took the day off work today since I've been sick since Friday with whatever misery has been going around our office lately. Yuck. It's made it difficult to sleep or do anything but lie in bed or on the sofa. I've spent my time doing the following:

Mostly I watched a lot of TV. And I do mean a lot. On Saturday I had a Newsradio and QI marathon. Sunday I watched several Cary Grant movies (he was the star of the day on TCM). Today I watched a bunch of Top Gear.

The past few days would have been pretty ideal, to be quite honest, if I hadn't been sick!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I tend to ask a lot of hypothetical questions to friends/acquaintances/co-workers. Probably much to everyone's chagrin. I recently asked my co-workers what they would think if they found out I was a wizard. (Don't ask how I come up with these things.) One of them said she wouldn't be surprised, since I'm pretty secretive and always disappear from work and then reappear a while later. And what if I turned out to be an evil wizard? She said, no, I wouldn't be an evil wizard. But probably not a good wizard either. Just an amoral wizard.

I also made everyone play Desert Island Discs at lunch. Except no one wanted to choose their 8 favorite tracks. But they all shared their books and luxury item. I did it properly and even posted my list by my desk.

A vintage Beatles sweatshirt I bought myself as a birthday present. Although, to be honest, I've referred to all recent purchases as birthday presents. Including the new guitar I bought online and that was stolen from my porch before I got home from work. Some people just have to ruin things for everyone else. This is why we can't have nice things!