Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two things

1. New slipper socks from Natalie's shop. I'm so excited about them and can't stop admiring them! They're so warm and comfy - I never want to take them off!
2. Vegan ramen noodles. I'm rather weird about cooking: I'm either super ambitious and take on big projects or else I can't be bothered. Mostly I can't be bothered and make super easy stuff. Like noodles from a package. Or beans on toast. Or just plain toast.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend activities and autumnal weather

Yet another photo of a drawing. Still can't be bothered to scan.

This was not the weekend for shorts. Fall seemed to have arrived rather suddenly and I was ready for it today. I wore long sleeves and a coat and then summer seemed to make a reappearance this afternoon. So I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt again. (I also am sort of perpetually sad-faced. I'm often asked what's wrong.)

In addition to freezing, this weekend involved:
- finally going grocery shopping for the first time since before I got sick. And yet all I bought were cookies and some ramen noodles. Yep. Celine: excelling at being an adult and taking care of herself since 2000-never.
- Curb Your Enthusiasm mini-marathon
- meeting a friend at the farmer's market on Sunday to get the ingredients for borscht. And then cooking success!
- a successful trip to the library to pick up some DVDs I had on hold and also finding Two Lives, which I remember cataloging back when I worked at the library as a student and making a note to look up. And three (or has it been four?) years later, I finally got my hands on it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting better all the time

Not much going on lately. I've been slowly getting better and am pretty much back to normal now. Back to working full days. Missing my bus in the morning because I'm too busy listening to music.

I saw the Horrors last week, which was pretty amazing. One of the best shows I've ever been to. I was right at the front, which was awesome and they sound so good live! And Rhys Webb's dancing was definitely a highlight.