Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here Again

I love buying gifts for people, but for some reason this year for Christmas I've been more successful at finding things for myself. I tend to call all purchase I make for myself during the month of December "Christmas presents for myself" (much like all purchases make in August are "birthday presents for myself"). I usually leave all of my Christmas shopping until the last minute anyway because I get excited and want to give the gifts right away. I basically have no self control where gifts are concerned (or in general, really).
Oh! And I also managed to get my hands on a copy of the vinyl of the Wassailing Song, which I'm super excited about! I've been listening to it non-stop!

Dinosaur days

Work has been pretty slow lately. Probably because most people have sort of checked out for the holidays. I've made a lot of paper snowflakes (some with dinosaurs on them) to decorate our office and have been drawing a lot of dinosaurs. It makes it look like I'm busy with paperwork when I'm not.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wear Me Down

Guess who's sick again. Or possibly still, since I may not have every really gotten over pneumonia from this summer. So basically I've been feeling worn out all the time and haven't been working full days (edit: which my work has been super jerky about. So apparently it's fine for everyone to take a million years off for the holidays, but when I work from home in the afternoon because I'm sick, it's a big deal. Sorry, I just had to include that rant here, because my work is making me crazy and bitter.). It's also been super cold lately, although it might just be that I'm cold all the time because I'm sick. The last several days have involved a lot of blankets, a lot of listening to music, a lot of reading, and attempting to do Christmas shopping online.