Monday, April 23, 2012


1. at my new dentist's office. It had fancy marble floors.
2. for the bus to go to the theatre downtown. It was too warm for tights, but I didn't find that out until I had already left the house. Typical.
3. for the bus to go to work. Or maybe this was coming home from work.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The blurriest scan ever. Oops.
I don't really have much to say at the moment. I have some proper adult decisions that need to be made, which wouldn't be such a big deal if I wasn't pretty much the world's biggest eternal baby. Sometimes I just wish someone else could make all decisions for me. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to be expected to function as an adult when I can't remember to wear my glasses at least three days a week. How does that even work? Apparently I don't notice when I can't see very well.
Wow. That sounds like a major downer. Sorry. Things are not all stressful though. I'm waiting eagerly for my CD/DVD and vinyl copies of Graham Coxon's new album, which should be here this week! I waited eagerly at my computer on Sunday for midnight to come in the UK so I could download it on itunes. Best thing ever! I've been listening to it obsessively since then. I even listen to it on repeat at work and by sneakily plugging my skype headset into my phone and hiding my phone under a stack of papers on my desk. The lengths I go to for my obsessions over music...I feel like my life would be so much better if the only decisions I had to make were which album to listen to at any given time. Although that can be pretty stressful as well.