Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I tend to ask a lot of hypothetical questions to friends/acquaintances/co-workers. Probably much to everyone's chagrin. I recently asked my co-workers what they would think if they found out I was a wizard. (Don't ask how I come up with these things.) One of them said she wouldn't be surprised, since I'm pretty secretive and always disappear from work and then reappear a while later. And what if I turned out to be an evil wizard? She said, no, I wouldn't be an evil wizard. But probably not a good wizard either. Just an amoral wizard.

I also made everyone play Desert Island Discs at lunch. Except no one wanted to choose their 8 favorite tracks. But they all shared their books and luxury item. I did it properly and even posted my list by my desk.

A vintage Beatles sweatshirt I bought myself as a birthday present. Although, to be honest, I've referred to all recent purchases as birthday presents. Including the new guitar I bought online and that was stolen from my porch before I got home from work. Some people just have to ruin things for everyone else. This is why we can't have nice things!

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