Friday, May 20, 2011

New desk + old things (part 2)

A few more things I came across during my recent desk clean-out:

An old metal pencil case I got at the Greenpeace store in Hannover. It makes the best clanking sound when carried in a school bag! Inside are:
- my first ever fountain pen from the fourth grade and some ink cartridges. The pen is a light turquoise Pelikan and I attached that bit of leather string to it from some Pocahontas activity kit thing I got for my birthday back in the day.
- a Tim und Struppi eraser
- a pair of folding scissors from a Christmas cracker
- a pen with little dogs on it
- a spare key to my room

I also came across the journal I kept when I finished school and vowed to draw a picture in pen everyday to illustrate what I did. I thought it would motivate me to do exciting things since I didn't have a job, but instead I just drew pictures of things like:

my grandma's cat

and me riding the bus.


  1. Oh ! I adore your drawings !
    So cute !