Tuesday, May 31, 2011


gus: i’m sorry shawn. but you know, eventually when we’ll both get married there’s going to be certain things we can’t share with each other.
shawn: i’m trying not to think about that… we’re still going to live next door to each other though, right?
gus: hell yeah, with the pool going across both of our yards.
shawn: i’ve got dibs on the diving board.
gus: yeah, okay.

(via falulatonks on tumblr, originally posted by unmatterable)

I've posted about Psych before (and often do so on my tumblr) and how Shawn and Gus remind me of me and my sister, but I just wanted to share this here as well.

The other day, my sister and I were listening to a conversation between two other siblings who weren't very close. Their conversation made me sad and I asked my sister, "What if we ever become like that?" She said we wouldn't, but I was already making a sad face, so she said, "We'll be like Shawn and Gus...with the swimming pool across our yards." Little did she know I had posted this gif on my tumblr just a few weeks earlier.

And this is why my sister and I are BFFs.

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