Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is there anything better than getting things in the mail?

I'm always excited to get mail. Even if it's just something I've ordered for myself. This arrived today. It's Graham Coxon's The Spinning Top on vinyl. It's a double LP, but I was too lazy to take more pictures and eager to share! (I'm also rather embarrassed by my already somewhat cluttered new-ish desk.)

I always like when people share music recommendations on their blogs or when they have those weekly music posts. I'm always tempted to do the same, but I find myself faced with two problems: I'm terribly inconsistent in my blogging and all of my recommendations would probably just alternate between Graham Coxon, Blur, and The Beatles. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing.


  1. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing.
    It wouldn't! I like obessiveness when it comes to music. I'm doing that 30 day song meme on facebook right now and it's doing my head in, so many impossible choices.

  2. I definitely am obsessive when it comes to music. And most things, really. :)
    And I always think about doing those memes or those 30 day challenges or whatever, but I feel like I can't commit. I've been thinking about doing one on tumblr though...perhaps one of these days!

  3. A new interview with Graham Coxon here:

  4. Thanks, Anne! I'm excited about all the new interviews and stuff with Graham lately!