Sunday, April 17, 2011

My streets are pop music and gold

A good amount of my time in the evenings and on the weekends is spent making faces in the mirror.

This weekend, however was rather busy. It involved:
- a birthday party.
- venturing out on Record Store Day, despite not liking crowds (I made sure to go when there were no in-store performances planned, so I wouldn't have to deal with too big of a crowd.) It was still pretty insane and most of the special releases had been picked through, so I just got an import copy of the Coral's Roots and Echos, then made a hasty retreat.
- watching The Strokes at Coachella on the youtube livestream .
- freezing, despite the sunny weather.
- and pulling faces, of course.


  1. well spotted. ;) i'm on a bit of a blur kick lately (more like always, if i'm honest).

  2. Making faces is so much fun, luckily I work with children so it's even accepted as normal...
    Are The Strokes any good nowadays?

  3. I actually haven't listened to their new album all the way through yet, but I was really into them in college, so it's probably mostly nostalgia for me. :)