Sunday, March 24, 2013

Space is the place

A bit of an unintentional theme around here these days.
  • The Hubble documentary had some pretty amazing shots. I get easily overwhelmed by the thought of the vastness of space though and had to take my 3D glasses off at one point and look away and sort of...compose myself.
  • A wax 'space robot' (it says this at the base) I made at the Science Center. And by 'made' I mean I put the money in the machine and watched the wax pour into the mould. I painted it silver when I got home. It seemed more fitting than the sort of light brown of the wax. The Tintin rocket figure I bought a few days ago while taking a long lunch from work.
  • Mismatched spaceman socks.
  • Another journal page. 

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  1. Yay for space! I really want to visit the National Space Centre not that far from here.. x