Wednesday, February 8, 2012

These Days (2)

Things have been rather crazy with work lately, and I've been neglecting this blog and spending time on tumblr instead...but here's a quick rundown of some things that have been going down lately:

- Breakfast with co-workers across the street from our office. There aren't many choices for non-meat-eaters, but I go mostly for the company. And the hashbrowns. Maybe more for the hashbrowns, if I'm honest. (I'm kidding. Sort of.)

- A Blur t-shirt I got off ebay. It was a men's XL, but I cut it down to fit me. I was nervous about messing it up, but I'm super happy with the results and kind of want to wear it all the time. But apparently I couldn't be bothered with making sure it wasn't wrinkly for this picture. Oh well.

- An excellent package of stuff from a friend in Berlin: candles, a matchbox from kaufbar in Berlin, a photo album and a book on Braunschweig - the city he's from and the city my father's side of the family is from.